• Parent to Remy ‘26 and Davis ‘29
      Cameron Foos

      Parent to Remy ‘26 and Davis ‘29

“My dad told me once that one of the best parts of earning money is to give some back. I can't think of a better investment than my children. They are our pride and joy. I wish that all kids could have the opportunity to attend a school where they are appreciated, celebrated and given more than the basic learning opportunities.”

    • Parent to Jacob ’20, Sam ’23, and Mason ’30, and Proud Canterbury Alumnus
      Daniel Lubner ’92

      Parent to Jacob ’20, Sam ’23, and Mason ’30, and Proud Canterbury Alumnus

"Canterbury remains the greatest gift we can give to our kids. The curriculum, athletics, and clubs push them to be their best and prepare them for the next stages of life. We realize that for everything we are able to give back, the school is able to provide so many new opportunities for our kids future."

    • Parent to Natasha Agarwal ‘25
      Aditi Maheshwari

      Parent to Natasha Agarwal ‘25

“It is an amazing feeling to see your child excited to go to school every day. I happen to have one who never wants to miss even an hour of school. I attribute this to the school's warm and nurturing environment. Canterbury is integral to the development and empowerment of our children and for us, there is no cause more worthy.”

    • Parent to Bryson ’25 and Zachary ’20
      Marc Mascarelli

      Parent to Bryson ’25 and Zachary ’20

“I support Canterbury School because of my vested interest in our children's future. I want the best for my kids as all parents should. Canterbury provides that proven track record. I also support my community as a firefighter. Having a career of community service commitment only strengthens my desire to give to the school where I also provide fire, medical, and public service coverage."