Dungeons and Dragons Acting Camp

Rising Grades 5-8
Dates: June 14-18
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Instructor: Mr. Michael Lynch
Cost: $150
**Please see our General Information page for updates on Health & Safety Guidelines for Summer 2021.**
Dungeons & Dragons is a roleplaying game centered on storytelling and improvisational acting and using gaming mechanics to resolve whether their attacks hit or miss or whether their adventurers roll away from the strike of a magical lightning bolt.  Anything is possible!  In the Dungeons & Dragons game, each player creates an adventurer (also called a character) and teams up with other adventurers (played by friends). Working together, the group might explore a dark dungeon, a ruined city, a haunted castle, a lost temple deep in a jungle, or a lava-filled cavern beneath a mysterious mountain. The adventurers can solve puzzles, talk with other characters, battle fantastic monsters, and discover fabulous magic items and other treasure.  All aspects and decisions are rooting in character development and improvisation, two cornerstones of theatrical arts.  Open to veterans of the game and to those curious about how to play.  All are welcome!

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