Geometry - 1 Credit

Geometry (Advanced) – 1 credit
Rising grades 10-12 (enrollment dependent upon approval)
Dates: June 14th – July 16th (No class on Friday, July 2nd, and Monday, July 5th)
Times: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Cost: $1500
Instructor: Mr. Thomas Jewell
PREREQUISITE: Completion of Advanced Algebra II
Geometry is the study of space. The course deals with Euclid’s postulates, theorems, logic, and the conclusions that can be drawn from analyzing the given information. Formal and informal reasoning are used along with symbolic and visual thinking. Visualization of spatial relationships is developed.  A portion of the course focuses on solids and their surface areas and volumes. Time will also be devoted to coordinate and transformational geometry. Algebra I and Algebra II with Advanced Topics is integrated throughout the course.

Note: This course, designed for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, satisfies Canterbury School's Geometry requirement. ​Enrollment in this class is dependent upon approval from current math instructor and/or Math Department Chair.  A minimum of 5 enrolled students is needed for the course to run.
Please email with enrollment requests.


It is critical for students to attend class and be on time every day in a summer course.  Therefore, the only excused absence granted will be for illness with a doctor’s note or an unexpected, significant situation.  All other absences will be unexcused and may result in academic consequences including, but not limited to, grade penalties.

Planned absences, such as a missed class for a family trip, an appointment, or a sports tournament, are not permitted.  Two unexcused absences in a three-week course will result in a failing grade on the student’s transcript.  Please note that regular and/or significant late arrivals to class will be considered unexcused absences.

Students who attend classes in the summer at Canterbury are expected to be in class every day, to be on time every day, and to be fully engaged in class.  In addition to being punctual and in class every day, students must also do all of the assigned homework.  Because of the importance of all students being ready to fully participate in class, the following procedure will apply to all students:  If a student comes to class unprepared (did not attempt all homework), that student will be given a warning and will be expected to complete the missed assignment for the next day.  The second time the student comes to class unprepared, that student will be excused from class immediately and sent to the Summer Program’s director’s office.  The Summer Programs director will decide on the next steps, which may include dropping the student from the class, in which case no refund will be awarded to the family.  

Students and parents should be careful in how they plan their summer, reducing the number of activities that the student is involved with outside of class time.  Activities like sports, music lessons, family and community time, should be measured with the high requirements of taking a summer course in mind.

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