Every gift to the Canterbury Fund tells a story. A story of promise for the future. A story of deep commitment to students. A story of wonder and discovery. Please join 100 percent of our faculty and staff, along with 100 percent of our Board of Trustees, in making your gift to the Canterbury Fund. Your gift supports our focus on academic excellence, equips our classrooms with state-of-the-art educational tools, promotes our arts and athletic initiatives, and so much more. Also, we would love for you to share the story of your gift by clicking below.
Canterbury Lifer and Alumni Association President

Grandparent of Jacob '20, Sam '23, and Mason '30. Parent of Daniel '92 and Claudia '91

    • Parents of Caroline

      Rebecca and Michael Tibbetts

      Parents of Caroline '30 and Lydia '33

"For me, the education of my children is one of the greatest most significant investments my husband and I will make. And while there are a variety of ways that priority is manifested in our lives, Canterbury plays a big role in their education. Thus we want to see the school thrive in its capacity for educating not just our kids but the entire school community. It is our joy to be able to give to that end." 
    • Parents of Julian

      Rie Aihara and Meir Daller

      Parents of Julian '22 and Brenden '26

"Canterbury has been our family and home where our children have found assurance, safety, and trust in a nurturing environment. As parents, we feel safe knowing that our children are well taken care of and taught the right things. As a member of the Canterbury family for more than 11 years, we have seen the tremendous growth of the school and believe in the direction in which we are headed. I see participating in the Canterbury Fund not as an act of giving, but as an act of contributing. Giving implies that it is an act for someone else's benefit. By contributing to the Canterbury Fund, we are investing in our own children's future and the important academic and social environment where they can continue to grow. We are proud to be part of that 'Home Improvement' for Canterbury both as students and parents, and the exciting growth, expansion, and success of our home."

    • Parents of Riley ’22, Mallory ’20, Sydney ’17, and Cassidy ’15

      Carla Parodi-Hall and Joseph Hall

      Parents of Riley ’22, Mallory ’20, Sydney ’17, and Cassidy ’15

“My husband and I believe in education. Education is an investment and after being here at Canterbury for 17+ years we continue to believe in it. Canterbury isn’t only a school, it’s a community and a support system. Our daughters thrive here at Canterbury and now we see them thriving in college. There’s no better gift than supporting Canterbury in any way possible and that is why we give.”