Grade 12: The Senior Year

Between the months of August and November, College Guidance services are offered to seniors only!
This affords applying seniors top priority as they fill out applications, write college essays, prepare for college interviews, and navigate the many steps necessary in meeting the requirements and deadlines of their chosen colleges, universities, and special programs.

Students & parents meet with the Director of College Guidance and with the College Guidance Assistant/Registrar “non-stop” during the first semester of senior year.

In August, students and parents must attend the Senior College Guidance seminar where all final details and procedures for successful college application and admission are covered.

In truth, seniors are active in College Guidance all year, until May 1st, when they make their final decisions about college attendance.

Suffice it to say that almost all free time in a senior’s day, or night, will be spent somehow connected to the College Guidance Department! The college process is a detailed one and can often feel overwhelming. The College Guidance Department is available to help with anything! We take pride in our high level of service, accuracy, compassion, dedication, and enthusiasm as we attempt to make each student’s dream come true through an organized and optimistic approach to college acceptance.