Canterbury Students Win Top Spots in History Fair

Congratulations to our students who recently competed in the Lee County History Fair on Saturday, February 23, 2019. Fifteen students participated, entering eight different projects, and all of our students placed in the top three of their categories! Those who placed first or second will move on to the state competition in May.
Historical Paper
Emma M. ’20 won first place with her paper, “The Italian Economic Miracle: How Italy Transformed a World War Two Tragedy into Economic Triumph.”

Marina C. ’20 earned second place with her paper, “Queen Mary vs. John Knox: The Battle of Religion and Royalty.”

Individual Exhibit
Maya C. ’22 won first place with her exhibit, “Triumph and Tragedy: Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb.”

Madison F. ’20 earned second place with her exhibit, “My Body, Your Choice?: Investigating the Tragedy and Triumph of Culture Following Roe vs. Wade.”

Group Exhibit
Jamie G. ’20 and Christian M. ’20 won second place for their exhibit, “Underground Railroad: Triumph Despite Tragedy.”

Michael M.’19, Ricky Y. ’19, and Magnolia C. ’19 earned third place for their exhibit, “Prussian State Army: An Army Without A State.”

Individual Documentary
Sophia Y. ’19 won first place for her documentary, “Tragedy Born from Triumph: The Corruption of a Popular Movement in Venezuela.”
Group Documentary
Jay C. ’21, Austin S. ’21, Alice B. ’21, Jayda B. ’21, and Jacob L. ’20 earned second place for their documentary, “The Roaring 20s and Great Depression: Triumph and Tragedy from the Perspective of Contrasting Races, Genders, and Socio-Economic Groups during the 1920s.”