Canterbury Receives Lighthouse Beam Safety Recognition Award

Canterbury School is proud to share that our school recently received the Lighthouse Beam Excellence Award from McGriff Insurance Services, Inc. for achieving an excellent reduction in workers’ compensation experience in 2017.
“The Lighthouse Beam Safety Award reflects Canterbury School’s administration’s leadership, dedication, and commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for its staff,” shared Henry Wright, Vice President & Director of McGriff Insurance Risk Solutions.

The Lighthouse Beam Excellence Award is one of the highest honors given by McGriff Insurance Services, Inc. Organizations who qualify for this award typically have an exceptional safety and risk management program in place, which has effectively controlled otherwise problematic areas of risk. When incidents do occur, they work aggressively to mitigate the loss and implement sustainable measures to prevent re-occurring incidents. Clients of this caliber routinely yield superior results when compared with others in their industry.

Congratulations, Canterbury!