French Academic Team Wins First Place

Congratulations to Canterbury’s French Academic Team for taking first place in their division at the Congres de la Culture Francaise en Floride!
The competition was held on March 7-9, 2019, in Orlando. In addition to the first place trophy, the team placed fifth overall and was also recognized by the Minister of the French Consulate as one of three schools who bring the largest teams and interest in French to this very unique state competition.

In the words of Mme Kathryn Wilbur, “This was a first-class team.” She shared that many French I students had to step up to French II competitions, including Andrew C. ’21 and Brandon U. ’22.    

Others who earned the top rating of Superior were Andrés S. ’23, Jessica M. ’21, and Zander G. ’19 in the demanding category of reading competition.

In the Discours, or speaking category, which requires students to speak on unrehearsed topics, Anna Sofia D. ’21, Andres H. ’20, and Lou-isa C. ’19 also earned Superiors. Lou-isa received the highest rating at level five which was recognized with a Prix du Jury, or best in category. “The award for true team spirit goes to Anna Sofia D. ’21 who took on this category at the eleventh hour,” shared Mme Wilbur.   

In the poetry recitation category, Morgan R. ’21, Gianna L. ’24, Sydney S. ’21, Emma M. ’20, Danica S. ’19, and Luke L. ’19 earned Superiors. “It was a great moment when senior Luke L. ’19 also received the Prix du Jury for Declamation at level five for his incredible rendition of ‘la Mort du Loup’ by Alphonse de Lamartine,” said Mme Wilbur.

One of the most exciting moments came with the Casse-Tete category with Canterbury eliminating all other schools but one. Zander G. ’19, as captain, was a fearless foe.   

The team’s Album, the most demanding in preparation ahead of the competition, also earned a near-perfect score under the command of Lilli H. ’21 with the support of Sara M. ’21, Selin H. ’21, and Olivia C. ’19.   

Students who earned Excellent in their categories were:   

  • Sophia Y. ’19 in the very demanding level five reading comprehension category
  • Maya A. ’21, Ingrid L. ’20, Christian M. ’20, Andres H. ’20, Luke L. ’19 in the advanced  Piece "Le Minotaure" (Directed by Mme Allione)
  • Saynette with their unique story of “Fraternite” - Jack P. ’24, Joshua D. ’23, David G. ’22, Katie R. ’24, Gianna L. ’24, and Andrés S. ’23
  • Jessica M. ’21 for Projet, with her outstanding 3D metal sculpture of La Marianne - feminine symbole of La Liberte

“Every member on this team contributed to this win. The joy after this competition is to hear students say what they want to do next year and how they can do better. Mme Ida Bonnemere and I are very proud of this year's team,” shared Mme Wilbur.