Wind Ensemble Earns Excellent Rating Overall

Congratulations to our students who recently attended the Concert Band Music Performance Assessment hosted by the Florida Bandmasters Association on March 7, 2019.
Our Wind Ensemble earned an overall Excellent rating with a Superior on the sight reading portion of the assessment.

“Once again, I have no words that could possibly explain how proud I am of all of our students,” shared Antonio Castillo, Canterbury’s Band Director.

Congratulations to the following students:

Sebastian A. ’20
Isaiah A. ’22
Daniel B. ’21
Alice B. ’21
Hannah B. ’19
Carlos B. ’21
Alyson B. ’20
Rocio C. ’22
Maya C. ’22
Jay C. ’21
Gabriella C. ’19
Emilie C. ’22
Owen C. ’21
Adam D. ’22
Eric D. ’22
Jessica E. ’21
David G. ’22
Liam H. ’22
Niko I. ’22
Emily J. ’20
Ethan J. ’22
Johnny J. ’22
Teddy L. ’21
Jacob L. ’20
Emma M. ’20
Ari M. ’22
Grayson P. ’22
Isaac R. ’22
Humberto R. ’19
Austin S. ’21
Jorge V. ’19
Brenda Z. ’22
Daniel Z. ’22