Former CIA Director Porter Goss Visits Canterbury

Canterbury School students recently enjoyed the incredible opportunity to hear from former CIA Director and Florida congressman, Porter Goss.
Our Upper School students welcomed Mr. Goss as part of our Leadership Institute for Tomorrow (LIFT) Lecture Series. The goal of LIFT is to equip our students with the real-world leadership skills they need to succeed in the future.

Mr. Goss addressed a range of topics with the students, everything from national security and terrorism to cybersecurity. Our students got a chance to ask several questions and engaged in some very meaningful conversations. Click here to view a video of the lecture.

Mr. Goss served as Chair of Canterbury’s Board of Trustees from 1974-1975. He and his family have remained an integral part of the Canterbury community for many decades. His grandson, Zander, who was in the audience during the recent lecture, will be graduating from Canterbury this spring.