Canterbury Students Inducted into National Latin Honor Society

The National Latin Honor Society, sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of Study of Latin, is pleased to induct into the Canterbury School Chapter of the Society this wonderful group of students.
The Association for the Promotion of the Study of Latin is the nation’s oldest private organization dedicated to the promotion and study of the Latin language. The NLHS recognizes students for their exemplary performance and dedication to the study of Latin during their high school career.  

Lema A. ’20
Lilian E. ’20
Kendall F. ’19
Michelle F. ’20
Zach L. ’20
Jordan H. ’19
Sammy S. ’20
Chloe T. ’20
Jessica X. ’19
Michael M. ’19
Ricky Y. ’19
Meredith A. ’19
Gabby C. ’19
Gianna D. ’19
Katie D. ’19
Colin M. ’19
Scott M. ’19
Whitney W. ’19
Kelvin G. ’19
Benjamin D. ’20
Aaliyah J. ’20
Valerie W. ’20  
Rick Z. ’20
Zachary H. ’20