Canterbury Students to Participate in 36th Annual Marathon

Marathon is a Canterbury tradition in which students run, walk, create art, and will learn life-saving techniques to raise money for worthy causes. This year, the dollars you donate will benefit The Heights Foundation, American Heart Association, Kids Care Disaster Relief, and Canterbury's CPR Program. The event will take place on Friday, January 24, 2020. As in year's past, the money raised will be split equally among the four charities.
Pledge forms were sent home with students in the Lower and Middle Schools. Upper School students can find pledge forms available at the front office of the Upper School. All pledge forms are due Friday, January 17. Click here for an online form that allows you to support our efforts through a flat donation.
In our Lower School, students learned about this year’s Marathon during an assembly on Tuesday, January 7. A representative from the American Heart Association visited to showcase the importance of keeping your heart healthy, as well as how the money raised would help support others with heart challenges. Lower School students will run and walk around FineMark Field on Friday, January 24, starting at 1:00 p.m. 
As something new, our Middle School students will focus their efforts on fundraising for an organization that has special meaning to them, Kids Care Disaster Relief. Founded by a group of our own Middle School students, this organization works to support disaster relief efforts around the world by creating and selling beautiful artwork. This year, all of our Middle School students have participated in creating four acrylic paintings. Pictures of students creating the artwork can be viewed in the photo gallery on this page. For every Middle School pledge of $25, the donor will receive a raffle ticket for one of four acrylic paintings. A raffle ticket will be given for each $25 increment, for example, $100 will receive four raffle tickets. Middle School students will also run and walk around FineMark Field at 2:00 p.m.   
In the Upper School, our students' efforts this year will focus on training all Canterbury Upper School students and ultimately, students locally and nationally in CPR. The desire to create this program resulted from thankfully an averted tragedy that happened at Canterbury when a referee at a lacrosse game life was saved due to the efforts of CPR. Out of this moment was born an idea founded by our own Upper School students to teach CPR to their fellow classmates so that they can be ready to save someone's life should something like this happen again.