The Artist Spotlight: Fifth Grade Clay Mask Artists

The Canterbury School Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on our fifth-graders who did an amazing job with their clay masks. They designed masks that embodied their personality and interests and sculpted the features out of clay as they honed their mask-making skills. After a bisque firing, fifth-graders used acrylic paints and other mixed media to decorate and finish their masks.
The students are:
Lucas B. ’27, Shyam G. ’27, Sam C. ’27, Zach S. ’27, Alex D. ’27, Ashby P. ’27, Oliver M. ’27, Noah M. ’27, Johan S. ’27,  Liya B. ’27, Lana H. ’27, Corinne E. ’27, Aspen H. ’27, Gabriella G. ’27, Lauren M. ’27, and Mahi P. ’27.

“These masks are beautifully designed and each one exhibits personal interpretation and expression. I am so proud of my students’ creative abilities and am thrilled to see how well their masks turned out! “ shared Mrs. Singh.

Please join us in congratulating our spectacular artists!