Moving Mountains for Our Students and Staff

This week Canterbury School welcomed back all faculty and staff to get ready for the 2020-2021 school year. The last time the school had everyone on campus was back in early March, so this moment was certainly a joyous sight for many.
With hand sanitizer at the ready and face coverings on, our faculty and staff know that this year will be a bit of a challenging one. But they are excited to see our students in our classrooms again. 
Not only are we trying to prepare our seasoned faculty and staff on how to move forward, but we are also striving to welcome our newest Cougars to the family. Our Dean of Faculty, Ms. Erin Smith, led our New Faculty and Staff Orientation on August 5. “We have an amazing group joining us this year with phenomenal backgrounds, and I cannot wait for our students to meet them,” shared Ms. Smith.
Our new faculty and staff had the opportunity to meet our administrators and staff members in various roles throughout the school. They also underwent a “Cougar Campus Bootcamp” to learn behind the scenes knowledge of our website and digital learning platforms. Ms. Smith’s goal for the session was to provide a consistent training program that would support new employees’ flourishing.  
During our all faculty and staff meeting on August 6, our Head of School, Mr. Rick Kirschner, set out to inspire our faculty and staff and encourage them to keep pursuing excellence. He explained Canterbury’s success with quickly rolling out our remote learning set up last spring, as well as pulling off the great feat that was the Class of 2020’s outdoor live graduation. “I swear I felt like we won a championship,” Mr. Kirschner admitted with a catch in his throat. “That’s what a monumental miracle it was. And now we face the challenge ahead of reopening. Problems are inevitable, but we must go forward with as much love, goodwill, and trust as possible. Whatever tough things lie ahead of us this year, we will embrace it and continue making Canterbury the best school we can.” 
As a school and as a community, we are dedicated to moving mountains for our students and families. The campus is ready, and is now just missing one thing: our students! Our students are the spirit of Canterbury, and we are eager to see many of you back on campus with us next week. Go Cougars!