Digital Gallery is a Game-Changer for Arts

As the pandemic continues and classes are mixed with in-person and remote learners, teachers alike are in a pickle. How do we make the flexible learners feel included while still teaching what we need to? Mrs. Amy Hoefling may have found the answer to her visual arts class: an app called Padlet allows her to display her students’ artwork digitally and enables the students to provide feedback about a specific picture.
Mrs. Hoefling’s class is guided by the National Visual Art Standards and their four pillars of creating, presenting, responding, and connecting. Her rubric embraces the pillars of presenting and responding with the class grading element of “critique”. The students are taught how to properly assess and comment on art in a deeper way. One of the many benefits of the app is how it encourages interaction: the virtual learners still get to see their classmates’ artwork and it allows our quieter students to voice their opinions in a way that may be more comfortable for them. 
The app is set up under Mrs. Hoefling’s school account so only her class can enter into the program, and she actively curates the content and monitors the comments. Mrs. Hoefling remarked, “The students are loving the app and it is one of their favorite class activities now. I’ve even had requests to let the students post their artwork from outside of the classroom just so they can have their classmates comment on it.”  We cannot wait to see how the gallery grows over the course of the year!