Artist of the Week: Sophia F. '26

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on Sophia F. ’26!
Sophia is a talented seventh-grader taking Visual Arts with Mr. Dan Percivall. Most recently, the class studied Japanese woodblock paintings and tried their hand at making some. Sophia’s own painting and work ethic stood out to her art teacher. “She worked at a prolific pace but was still careful in interpreting the color scheme, texture, and the elements of design,” Mr. Percivall said. 

A few days after the class wrapped up their paintings, Sophia showed off some of her digital artwork to Mr. Percivall and her classmates that was inspired by the Japanese art they studied. “So many people assume that with digital art, the computer does everything. Making beautiful art with a computer takes finesse and the ability to transfer one’s knowledge of how traditional fine art is made. Sophia shows a real instinctual capability. She doesn’t need me for reassurance; she’s confident enough in her own talent that she can take an assignment and fly with it to the moon.”  What an amazing job, Sophia! We are eager to see what you keep making in class and with a computer!