LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Students Tackle Island Challenge

Canterbury’s LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Program has hit the ground running this school year, with our Upper School students now tackling their first project.  
Earlier in October, students in our Introduction to Entrepreneurship Honors class took a special field trip, with all of the safety precautions in place, to Tarpon Lodge and Cabbage Key. Students enjoyed meeting with the owner, Rob Wells, as well as taking a boat adventure out to Cabbage Key. Mr. Wells tasked the students with coming up with creative solutions to several of the challenges for the island restaurant, including staffing and maneuvering the coronavirus pandemic. Following a few weeks of market research and problem-solving, our students will showcase their ideas to Mr. Wells during a special presentation. We are looking forward to seeing what solutions the students will come up with.

Click here to view a video of sights and sounds from their trip to Tarpon Lodge and Cabbage Key.