Unstoppable Readers

Library time looks a little different for our Lower School students this year. Instead of traveling down to the front of the Lower School building where the library waits for them, a bright green library cart travels to our students now. 
“It’s cool that all the specials come to us now!” said Carina F. ’32. Our Lower School students define “specials” as anything not taught by their primary teacher. With the exception of physical education, all other specials (music, Spanish, science, and library) go to the individual classroom this year. This change is part of our COVID-19 plan to limit the potential spread of germs.  

The change is particularly noticeable with storytime. Our librarians are not only trying to read aloud to the spread-out class, but they must also make sure the students at home can see. “We’re doing our best,” Mrs. Kristy Kilfoyle, Director of Libraries, explained. “It’s so important to make sure everyone is included in being able to see the book, ask questions, and point out fun surprises in the illustrations.”

Some students feel the absence of the rows of bookshelves more than others. “I miss the library, and I think the books miss us too,” said Anna K. ’32. Other students have embraced the book cart coming to the classroom. “I love library time in Mrs. Fancher’s room!” says Evan D. ’32. “I like sitting at my desk to read and using the big screen to see the pictures up close when Mrs. Kilfoyle or Mrs. Manzi reads to us.” Either way, a pandemic cannot stop these Cougars from reading!