Canterbury Showcases Commitment to Service

Canterbury School would like to thank our community for their incredible support in teaching our students about the importance of giving back. 
In November, Canterbury continued its 30-plus year tradition of teaming up with Nations Association Charities to provide local families in need food for Thanksgiving Break. Our community donated enough food to fill 61 boxes for 50 families this year! Representatives of Nations Associations Charities also graciously accepted a check of $2,500 to purchase turkeys for the families. Through the generosity of Mr. Giesen’s advisory, they raised $456 in turkey money. 
Special thanks go out to our seniors who helped load the truck and of course to our Thanksgiving Food Drive coordinators, Ms. Gilstad and Ms. Garner. “I look forward to this every year,” said Mrs. Gilstad. “I love seeing our community come together to help families in need.”  Their helpers this year included Ms. Clapper, Ms. Stephenson, Mrs. Hall, and Connor Hall ’11. “I’m home for the holidays,” said Connor, “and I remember volunteering with the Thanksgiving Food Drive every year. It’s a great tradition and I’m glad I can help out again this year.” We would also like to note that additional food that was donated made its way to the Community Cooperative and the Gladiolus Food Pantry to help stock the shelves there.

On Friday, November 20, our seniors participated in our Senior Day of Service. Students were divided into several groups and headed out into the community to help various organizations. Two groups tackled helping clean up the Community Garden at Lakes Park in the morning and afternoon. One of our volunteer gardeners, Morgan R. ’21, said, “It’s hard work, you feel a real sense of accomplishment when you take a step back and see how much plant debris we were able to clean up today.” One group of seniors helped fill the truck for the Nations Association, and the last two groups spent their morning or afternoon preparing Thanksgiving boxes at Harry Chapin Food Bank. Two of our volunteers, Aiden F. ’21 and Charlie B. ’21, deserve kudos from us for choosing to volunteer for two different activity areas. We wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving!