A String of Kindness

A new project is lighting up the hallway of the Lower School! From November 30 through December 18, the Lower School participated in a project called A String of Kindness.
Teachers and students recorded acts of kindness they witnessed or that they performed on light bulb shaped pieces of paper. The goal was to have each student make at least one bulb, with the succession of older grades ideally creating more for the hallway. Students also took the time to decorate their papers, making the hallway a rainbow of colors and designs. Some students even illustrated the act of kindness they wrote about on the bulb, and their excitement about the project is visible in their beautifully decorated bulbs. 

“It is heart-warming to read what they have done to display kindness and then to see the effort they put into conveying it in a visual way,” said Ms. Evonne Clapper, who is spearheading the project. “In the season of gift-giving, I want our students to embrace that the greatest gifts given are those of kindness.” What a great way to wrap up the fall semester!