A Slice of Culture

Although the Holiday Break is over, the festivities are still going strong in Ms. Grisell Abad’s Spanish classes! This month, she is teaching her students about “Los Tres Reyes Magos”, or The Three Kings Day. In Spain and many Spanish-speaking countries, it is an additional religious holiday centered around the Three Kings associated with the Nativity. The occasion is celebrated with gifts, feasts, parades, a lottery, and a special cake known as “The Three Kings Cake”.
This cake is layered with meaning. The ring-shaped delight is meant to symbolize the crown of the Kings, and any featured fruits and candies on the cake represent the jewels on the crown. The cake features each of the Kings’ colors (red, purple, and green), and tucked inside are small figurines of infants. Those who find a baby in their slice of cake are said to have luck and good fortune for the rest of the year. 

Ms. Abad’s Spanish students got to celebrate with their own cake this year, and a few students were lucky enough to find a figurine in theirs. Ms. Abad said, “The goal of this activity, and any activity I do with my students, is to foster an open mind. That can be a willingness to try new foods, valuing cultural sensitivity, or awakening to the similarities in the world around us across civilizations.” We are thankful for the opportunity to have our students expand their horizons, and cannot wait for Ms. Abad’s next immersion activity!