Artificial Intelligence Potential

Hunter T. ’23 is thrilled to share all he learned during the Inspirit AI program at Stanford University! 
Hunter was fortunate enough to be accepted into the program this fall and participate over the Holiday Break. As part of the advanced group of fewer than ten students, Hunter was able to learn an incredible amount from his Stanford alumni mentors. The lectures and class exercises covered everything from the creation of artificial intelligence, the inner workings and coding, and samples across the technological field. 

“The Inspirit AI program gave me the best possible foundation for my future work,” Hunter enthused. His own J.A.R.V.I.S. project is benefited from the experience, and he is now fine-tuning parts of the programming. 

“I would love to work with Mr. Rodriguez to set up a summer class for Middle School students on programming and maybe even AI,” Hunter continued. “I think anyone would benefit from learning rudimentary programming and coding. Imagine how great our program could be if younger kids are experiencing the potential of our program before high school.”  We cannot wait to see if Hunter and Mr. Rodriguez will develop a summer program in the near future!