Artist Spotlight: Upper School Athletic Broadcasters

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on our Upper School Athletic Broadcasters: Chase A. ’23, Jake Z. ’23, Sam L. ’23, and Zach B. ’24! 
As members of our Cougar Vision team, these four young men produce live play-by-play broadcasts at a variety of sporting events. Over the last several weeks, they have provided an impactful narration for those who stream our sports games. Their advisor, Mr. Torres said that, “Their enthusiasm and unique personality manages to amuse, inform, and excite our community during our live broadcasting. These students are energetic and fun, they enjoy what they do, and show their professionalism and caring for their audiences.”
Fans can listen to our most recent broadcasts to hear their lively reactions via our Canterbury Vimeo channel. Congratulations, broadcasters! 
Pictured (L to R) Zach B. ’24 Jake Z. ’23, Sam L. ’23, and Chase A. ’23 broadcasting a Cougars' soccer match at Canterbury's FineMark Field.