The Artist Spotlight: Riya S. ’29

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on Riya S. ’29!
Riya is a creative fourth-grader who is very passionate about art. She exhibits creativity in everything she undertakes, from drawing flowers and still life compositions, to baking intricate cakes.

Her art teacher, Ms. Namita Singh, explained, “Riya is extremely innovative, and that has taken her art to the next level. She enjoys baking desserts and decorates cakes in creative ways that exhibit personal interpretation. She gets her creative gene from her mom and has been helping her bake desserts since she was very young. Riya is now independently decorating cakes, and her work exhibits incredible craftsmanship.” 

Riya also loves to draw in her sketchbook and paint on canvas. She likes to explore various media such as pencil, charcoal, acrylic paints, and buttercream icing for her amazing cakes! “Riya is an inspiration to her classmates who are in awe of her creative expression and attention to detail,” said Ms. Singh.  Way to go, Riya!