A Bucket of Kindness

Our first-ever Lower School Character Council has been hard at work, creating a new project for our Lower School students this month! For the first part of February, from the 1st through the 12th, students will participate in the Fill-A-Bucket challenge. 
The Lower School Character Council was assembled by our very own Ms. Evonne Clapper. “I selected four fourth grade students to assist with planning upcoming character education events in the Lower School. By involving students in the creation and execution of these projects, we are fostering character development and leadership skills.” The four students currently on the Council are Sophia L. ’29, Noah S. ’29, Riya S. ’29, and Ronan C. ’29. “If you see them on campus,” Ms. Clapper asks, “please commend them for their great idea and leadership!” 

In each classroom, there is a small, Valentine’s Day-themed bucket with some packing peanuts nearby. Whenever a student performs an act of kindness, they can transfer a packing peanut from its bag to the bucket. When a class fills their bucket, they will transfer their packing peanuts to the Lower Schoolwide bucket in the Commons space. Ideally, the class will be able to fill their bucket multiple times and ensure that the large bucket for the Lower School commons is filled to the brim. 
Here is a short video introducing the project.  https://vimeo.com/505384403/e25ee6640f