Young Entrepreneurs visit Salty Sam’s Marina

Our Entrepreneurship students have hit the ground running with a new project to tackle! On Thursday, January 28, 2021, our seventh-grade entrepreneurship class took a great field trip to Salty Sam’s Marina! 

Mr. Matt Hanson (parent to Lana ‘27, Willow ‘30, Nash ‘32, and Sylvie ‘35) hosted the students and walked them through the operation. Located in Fort Myers Beach, Salty Sam’s Marina offers boat storage and maintenance, boat rentals, a variety of charters, a gift shop, and hosts two different restaurants.

Mrs. Stephenson and Mr. Hanson challenged the students with three different problems the business faces with their side operation, Sight Sea-R Cruises. This side of the business offers eco-tours for dolphin spotting, a sunset tour, and private charters. Mr. Hanson is looking for solutions on marketing to larger groups, whether or not there is a market for eco-tours, and if there are any types of new cruise ideas the students can come up with. The students will present their solutions to Mr. Hanson in March.