Sisters in Charge!

On February 8, 2021, Canterbury had two young headmasters in charge for the day! Anabella B. ’28 and Siena B. ’30 served as Heads of School for the Day. It was an opportunity their parents had successfully bid on for them during our live auction at a past Extravaganza. These two sisters enjoyed a busy and exciting day around the whole campus, learning the behind the scenes actions of administrators.
They started their morning off by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeakers and raising the American flag outside with Mrs. Ernst. “I was nervous to say it by myself,” admitted Siena, who is a little shy, “but Anabella helped me say it so I wouldn’t be scared.” 

Next, they spent some time 3D printing with Mrs. Stephenson in the Cherie Gluhm Science Discovery Center making cool nameplates to celebrate being in charge for the day. Anabella explained, “I picked blue for mine and Siena picked white for her name tag. These are going to look so cool at home!” 

After that, Mr. Kirschner whisked them away on the golf cart for a snack from Smoothie King. “The golf cart was one of my favorite things!” said Anabella. “We got to go all over campus super quick because of it.” The girls had the chance to pass out birthday cards and half-birthdays (for those with summer birthdays who cannot celebrate on campus), just like Mr. Kirschner does! After walking all around campus, they enjoyed a pizza lunch with friends and classmates. 

Then, they visited Mr. Torres’ video production studio where they were interviewed for Cougar Vision. “I got to talk about what we did so far,” said Siena, “and we announced our proclamations!” The girls declared that the Middle School and Lower School would have no homework for the rest of the week, and everyone on campus has a Spirit Week (aka jeans and cougar gear) for the rest of the week! What an awesome treat! 

The girls also got to check out Mr. Kirschner’s office, Mrs. Ernst’s office, and Mrs. Laconi’s office to learn how different their jobs are. From deciding what to do when a teacher is absent to helping students with issues to deciding on class sizes, there is so much our Heads of each division do!  

To wrap up the day, Anabella and Siena visited the newly reopened Cougar Cave store on-site in the LSJ building and watched the Middle School Cougar Open Mic event during Communal time. Anabella performed an original song with her friends too! 

Do you want to be a Head of School for a Day too? There is still a chance to win this awesome experience by buying a ticket for our 101 Chances raffle!