The Artist Spotlight: Cub Choir Leaders

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on our oldest Cub Choir members who have stepped into a leadership role! The leaders from Mrs. Landfried's class are Holly T. ’29, Lucy C. ’29, Luca P. ’29, Luna D. ’29, and Riya S. ’29. The leaders from Mrs. Hall’s class are Sophia L. ’29, Noah S. ’29, Sophia R. ’29, Bella R. ’29, and Jolie C. ’29. 
Cub Choir started up again this spring for students in second, third, and fourth grade. With extra protocols and precautions in place, these fourth graders stepped forward as leaders for the group. Ms. Truesdale said, “They set an excellent example of hard work and dedication for other choir members.” Congratulations to each of them!