Science Olympiad 2021 Team Places Second!

Congratulations to Canterbury School’s Science Olympiad Team on winning second place at the Science Olympiad Regional Competition during the week of February 1, 2021.
Science Olympiad is a competition for middle and high school students where they engage in hands-on, interactive, inquiry-based activities that are lab-based, research-based, or prebuilt. Teams are comprised of up to 15 students and a coach. They compete in several different events based on the following subjects: physics, chemistry, earth-space science, biology, and engineering.    
Mrs. Deeter, the lead Science Olympiad faculty advisor, hopes to grow the program. “The Science Department would love to begin building a Middle School team. We believe that it would be a great immersion into other types of science beyond what they have learned so far. They have foundations in biology, earth science, and chemistry, but they can learn so much more: forensics, astronomy, coding, engineering and design, even ornithology!” 
Mr. Carstens, another Science Olympiad faculty advisor, added, “Our high schoolers, particularly our seniors, have so much knowledge and insight to pass down. The potential for these mentorships isn’t just academic though; this would be a cool bridge between Middle and Upper School. Graduating eighth graders wouldn’t have to be so scared because they already know teammates and mentors in the upper grades through science.”
Competing against three other adept schools in the region, Canterbury competed in a variety of evaluations, from formal test-taking to competition style lab experiments and inventions. We are proud to share that our whole team will head to the state competition in March. 
Results from the separate events are listed below:   
First Place
Astronomy - Michaela F. ’24 and Carson L. ’21
Chemistry - Daniel Z. ’22  and McLaren B. ’22
Codebuster - Mia A. ’22 and Adam D. ’22
Dynamic Planet - Jeremy S. ’21 and Aaron S. ’24
Designer Genes - Isaiah A. ’22 and Austin S. ’21
Experimental Design - Jay C. ’21 and Aaron S. ’24
Ornithology - Daniel Z. ’22  and Jayda B. ’21
Write it, Cad it - Jayda B. ’21 and Emily D. ’21
Second Place
Detector Building - Maya C. ’22 and Jay C. ’21
Forensics - Mia A. ’22 and McLaren B. ’22
Geo-mapping - Jeremy S. ’21 and Carson L. ’21
Gravity Vehicles - Jay C. ’21 and Jacob T. ’21
Ping Pong Parachute - Austin S. ’21 and Jayda B. ’21
Protein Modeling - Emily D. ’21 and Maya C. ’22
Sound of Music - Aaron S. ’24 and Isaiah A. ’22
Water Quality - Michaela F. ’24 and Adam D. ’22
Third Place
Anatomy and Physiology - Austin S. ’21 and Jeremy S. ’21
Boomilever - Jayda B. ’21 and  McLaren B. ’22
Circuit Lab - Jacob T. ’21 and Emily D. ’21
Disease Detective - Jay C. ’21 and Adam D. ’22
Fossils - Carson L. ’21 and Isaiah A. ’22
Wright stuff - Michaela F. ’24 and  Maya C. ’22
Machines - Jacob T. ’21 and Jay C. ’21
Special thanks to Upper School Chemistry Teacher, Mrs. Christiana Deeter, for serving as Canterbury’s Science Olympiad Advisor and Upper School Physics Teacher, Jeffrey Carstens, for jumping in to help!