Shining Bright in the Darkness

The incredible cast of Bang, Bang, You’re Dead is shining bright in the darkness! Despite tackling the heavy topic of school shootings in their show, their intricate performance manages to spark hope for the redemption of the lead character, Josh.
Bang, Bang, You’re Dead is a one-act play written by William Mastrosimone. The piece focuses on the aftermath of a school shooting and the ghosts of the victims guiding the shooter towards self-understanding and asking for forgiveness. 

Director Aaron Jackson elevated the display by moving the performance off the stage and into the audience. In the center of the seating section is a small boxed in space, meant to replicate the prison around Josh and in his mind. The fencing is clear and transparent so that the audience can watch from one side but still see reflections of cast members who may be performing in a different direction. Behind the audience are a wall of black curtains, creating the illusion of walking into Josh’s mind. “Mr. Lynch was a huge help in building our screens and the light-blocking curtains behind the guests, “ said Mr. Jackson. 

The cast will walk in and out of the fenced-in area, often walking in darkness with only a flashlight, to create an overwhelming sense of being lost for Josh. “Our choreography for this is so layered,” explained actor Jacob R. ’22, who is tackling the role of Josh. “Our crossings and stoppings have to be just in the right spot; if they’re not, an audience member can’t see through the boxing or a cast member’s reaction.” On top of their tough choreography, the eleven cast members share thirty-five different parts and control their own lights and props. 

“I knew going in this was going to be a tough show, not just emotionally but structurally. How could I best bring the audience into Josh’s mind but also meet the proper guidelines for a pandemic?” said Mr. Jackson. “This cast is brilliant. They were willing to think outside of the traditional theatre box and jump into this new box with me with enthusiasm and a heck of a lot of talent.”  

A performance of Bang, Bang, You’re Dead will be live-streamed via Canterbury’s Vimeo channel at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24. Click here to view.
Cast List of “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead” 
Jake R. ’22 
Neal V. ’23 
Walter B. ’23 
Arabella L. ‘21
Michaela F. ’24
Sydney D. ’22
Julian V. ’3
Ezri M. ’23
Ellie A. ’24
Mia A. ’22
Emma C. ’22