The Artist Spotlight: Jake R. ’22

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on Jake R. ’22!
Jake is playing the lead role of Josh in the Upper School performance of Bang, Bang, You’re Dead. As the main character, Jake had to navigate an emotional rollercoaster and help take the character from apathy over his actions to true remorse. “This is the first time I’m a lead in a play, and I’m honored,” said Jake. “I’m a funny guy, and this role will hopefully show that I can perform serious and dramatic pieces too."

The character of Josh was the last to be cast for the show, and Jake had to compete for the role in a callback audition with the show’s director, Mr. Jackson. “I needed someone who can carry the weight of this heavy show, and Jake has exceeded that expectation, as has the whole cast.“ Mr. Jackson explained. “So much of the show hinges on Jake’s acting, and he’s nailing it.”  Bravo, Jake!