The Artist Spotlight: Sara M. ’21

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on Sara M. ’21!
Sara is a senior and currently taking AP Art & Design with Mr. Grey. She is interested in studying fine arts, commercial art, astronomy, and psychology when she goes off to college this fall at Vassar College. Mr. Percivall, who has taught Sara since Middle School, noted, “While she has been in the Upper School, she has taken every Arts Department elective and managed to become fluent with the medium virtually overnight. Sara is always striving to push her limits of expression and daring to boot.”

When she is not excelling in art class, Sara is also one of the editors this year for The Lair, Volume 47. Mr. Grey remarked, "Sara creates distinctive artwork that is detailed and strong. Sara has impressive technical skill as an artist and combines this with a slightly off-kilter sensibility. Sara's work is creative, impressive, and memorable. I wish her great success at Vassar next school year."  Way to go, Sara!