Young Entrepreneurs Help Local Marina

Our spring Entrepreneurship students in seventh grade are putting their problem-solving skills to the test! On Tuesday, March 10, 2021, our Middle School Entrepreneurship class met again with Salty Sam’s Marina to present their plans on how to help their business grow.  
Mr. Matt Hanson (parent to Lana ’27, Willow ’30, Nash ’32, and Sylvie ’35) previously challenged the students with three different problems the business faces with their side operation, Sight Sea-R Cruises. This side of the business offers eco-tours for dolphin spotting, a sunset tour, and private charters. Mr. Hanson is looking for solutions on marketing to larger groups, whether or not there is a market for eco-tours, and if there are any types of new cruise ideas the students can come up with. 
Our students came up with some remarkable ideas. They recommended partnering with local schools and homeschool groups to promote a field-trip eco-tour, tackling both issues of selling to large groups and promoting eco-tours. They also suggested enhancing the company’s marketing presence online through social media. Platforms like Facebook would be great for reaching out to parents and teachers, while Instagram and TikTok would appeal to a younger audience. Our students also suggested “themed” tours, ranging from holidays like the Fourth of July to events such as senior game nights and karaoke. 
These ideas were so great that after the presentations ended, Mrs. Laconi, Head of the Middle School, and Mrs. Smith, Dean of Faculty, approached the Salty Sam’s Marina team about hosting a group of Canterbury staff and faculty for a future event! We loved seeing our seventh-graders present creative solutions to these problems.

Click here to watch their presentation on Vimeo!