Canterbury Student’s Journey to Activism

Liam H. ’22 is working hard to raise awareness for the global issue of child trafficking. This inspirational junior is working with his Sanibel Scout Troop 1740 to make both bracelets and brochures to pass out and promote community understanding on the topic. 
Liam first learned about the issue of human trafficking and child trafficking while interning with United Planet, a non-profit organization dedicated to building a global community. Liam is now participating in United Planet’s Ten Countries in Ten Weeks, a virtual program made in partnership with a child trafficking awareness non-profit, We Serve. 

During his study of the country of India, Liam realized the breadth of the trafficking circuit for children brought to the United States, from human organs, cheap labor, and much worse. According to the Florida Department of Education, Florida is the third-largest hub for human trafficking in the country. This is not just an issue for foreign nationals, but for American children as well. Any child can be targeted in an online chatroom or social media. 

Liam brought his disturbing discovery to his Troop and then led the initiative to build bracelets and brochures to pass out in Sanibel. He is also volunteering his time with We Serve to help build a website to promote their refugee children’s home in India. Liam hopes to use his knowledge in mathematics and technology to bring awareness to a wider group of people.