Canterbury Students Excel at Lee County History Fair

Lee County’s annual History Fair results were announced Friday, March 5, 2021, and many of our students performed very well! This year’s fair was virtual, making it all the more difficult for the contestants.
Students who placed first or second will continue on to the State Competition. Judging will occur from April 13 through May 3, and results will be announced on May 4. The theme this year is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. Congratulations to all those who participated! 

Maya C. ’22 - First Place in Individual Documentary, Communication in History: How the Development of the Gutenberg Bible Pioneered Mass Production and Consumption of Literature

Lara K. ’23 and Sofija V. ’23 - First Place in Group Exhibit, Guilia Tofana: The Violence of Silence

Mia A. ’22, Brenda Z. ’22, and Daniel Z. ’22 - Second Place in Group Exhibit, The Nation’s Watching: How the Kennedy-Nixon Debates Changed Communication in Modern Politics

Ben C. ’23 - Second Place in Historical Paper, Understanding the Tactical and Commercial Advantages of Communication: The Utilization of the Telegraph throughout History

Niko I. ’22, Alice B. ’21, and Austin S. ’21 - Second Place in Group Documentary, Bismarck’s Brilliance

Carson L. ’21 and Brooklyn M. ’21 - Second Place in Group Performances - Technological Evolution in History 

Lauren L. ’23 - Third Place in Historical Paper, What Did You Just Say? 

Sidra K. ’23