Fourth Grade Students Challenged with Inspirational Project

On Thursday, March 18, Head of School Rick Kirschner made a visit to the Lower School to speak with the fourth-grade students about an entrepreneurial project. He challenged them to tackle two problems the school faces: curb appeal and inspiration. 
Before Mr. Kirschner arrived, the students waited in the Lower School Commons, debating what problems they would be assigned. Some wondered if they would be asked to solve the crow problem in the courtyard, while others speculated that they would have to wrangle alligators out of the retention ponds (to be clear, there are none). 

Mr. Kirschner explained, “Schools should have things on the wall reflect what’s going on throughout the campus. Canterbury is a gathering place for our community, and they need to feel included and inspired when they visit. I want people to see why Canterbury is such a warm and special place.”

The students then toured parts of the school to see examples of successful spirit infusion and blank spaces that could be given new life. One spot that Mr. Kirschner specifically charged them with helping is the Lower School front entrance. “Just like a real estate agent trying to sell a house, we need to up our curb appeal and make a great first impression,” said Mr. Kirschner. 

Our students will work in teams within their individual classes to generate and pitch ideas. The students’ creativity is already showing: they were taking copious notes and even drawing out their plans. They are working on a wide range of ideas, from putting fake cougars in the trees, trying to bring a real cougar to campus, a butterfly garden, updating the gardening, painting the ceiling tiles and walls, and updating the pond space. We cannot wait to see how these ideas bloom and grow, and which ones will be put into place this summer!