Learning About Leadership: Caroline L. ’26 Takes Over as Head of School for the Day

Caroline L. ’26 enjoyed quite the busy day on Monday, March 22, 2021, as she took over for Mr. Kirschner as Head of School for the day. 
Caroline started her morning with a debrief from Mr. Kirschner about the day ahead. She learned about the teachers who inspired Mr. Kirschner to go into education and what it means to be a Head of School. Then they took a snack break at Smoothie King and explored campus on the golf carts.
Caroline had the opportunity to sit down and chat with various directors, from Mrs. Laconi as Head of the Middle School to Mr. Turco as the Athletic Director. Caroline shared the great ideas she wants to put in place over time like nature trails by the pond, a softball club, and some new shelving in the breezeway by the Ellenberg Library so that people do not trip over sports equipment. She wrapped up her busy morning with a shopping spree at the Cougar Cave! 
Caroline and her friends enjoyed a pizza lunch with Mrs. Laconi, Mr. Humes, and Mr. Kirschner. Afterward, she went to visit our Cougar Vision team, where she was interviewed about her experience and shared her executive orders. Caroline headed off to meet with Associate Head of School George Pappas. She also had the chance to meet Mr. Rodriguez and two of his coding students to discuss her passion for computer programming! Caroline finished up the day by performing with the Middle School Band during communal time as a front-row clarinet. 
After a long day, this ambitious seventh-grader shared, “My big takeaway is that it is important for a principal or higher-up in the school to be engaged. Mr. Kirschner is a great Head of School because he does not stay in his office, but goes out to meet with the students and staff during the week.”
Congratulations, Caroline, on a successful day leading our community at Canterbury!
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