Canterbury Couple Gets Competitive at Virtual Alumni Trivia Night

Jennifer Idelson '01
Those who thought our Virtual Trivia Night for our Canterbury Alumni would be just like any other Thursday were seriously mistaken! What we didn't know was that a husband and wife duo, Michael and Marissa Kushner, Canterbury Class of 2005, would be competing against each other in an epic battle of Canterbury nostalgia.
This powerhouse alumni couple held tight to the first and second place spots as the evening progressed and the questions became more absurd. The rest of us sat on the edge of our seats, holding our breath. Marissa refused to let go of the number one spot, where she remained the entire game. However, in a shocking turn of events, we saw an upset that was more severe than when the men's FGCU basketball team schooled Georgetown in 2013.
Congratulations to Canterbury trivia aficionado Michael Kushner for taking home the win on the last question! Your $50 gift card to The Cougar Cave for winning our Virtual Trivia Night, along with your $25 gift card to The Cougar Cave for best dressed in Cougar gear, is being sent to you via email. We loved seeing your old basketball shirt from the late '90s! What a throwback. 
Special thanks go out to Katie Longmire-Perez '11 for also playing and to Bree Carlin-Smith '97, who was unable to join due to technical difficulties but still made an effort to check-in! We loved being able to catch up with you and hear how you are doing one year after the quarantine was announced. 
We look forward to seeing more of you next time we host a Virtual Trivia Night!