The Artist Spotlight: Alyssa S. '32

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on Alyssa S. ’32!
This second-grade student is known for her creativity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. Her art is often detailed and expressive. Her art teacher, Mrs. Singh, praised Alyssa for often serving as a great friend in class and uplifting students who doubt their own artwork. 

Mrs. Singh explained, “Her biggest quality is her compassionate nature and empathy. Because of this, she is everyone’s best cheerleader. It is wonderful to have an amazing helper with a high EQ in my second-grade art class. I feel all children benefit from social-emotional learning and developing EQ is very important in the classroom and at home. Alyssa, you leave a positive impact on all your classmates with your creativity and kindness!”

Keep up the good work, Alyssa!