2021 National Honor Society Induction

Canterbury School would like to congratulate 51 of our Upper School students on their induction into the Pinnacle Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS).
The National Honor Society is a prestigious club. National Honor Society members must be outstanding in service, leadership, character, as well as scholarship. A candidate must have a weighted cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or higher. They must also complete 15 hours of community service in addition to the Canterbury minimum requirement for the school year.  
Also recognized last night were the 2020 inductees. “I mailed out their certificates last spring,” said Mrs. Sizemore, NHS advisor. “I’m so glad we could dedicate part of last night’s induction to recognizing our new members from 2020 too.”
Click here to watch a replay of the induction ceremony.

Congratulations to our newly inducted members!
Ishaan A. ’23
Chase A. ’23
Walter B. ’23
Michelle B. ’23
Morgan B. ’23
Peter B. ’21
Max B. ’23
Thomas B. ’23
Tyler B. ’23
Alexander C. ’23
Emma C. ’22
Benjamin C. ’23
Michael D. ’22
Nicholas D. ’23
Joshua D. ’23
Matthew D. ’23
Elle E. ’23
Bruce E. ’23
Maryn F. ’23
Alden G. ’23
Kevin G. ’23
Kayla G. ’23
Logan H. ’21
Owen H. ’23
Steele I. ’23
Riley J. ’23
Lara K. ’23
Alexia K. ’23
Lauren L. ’23
Jonah L. ’21
Nathaniel L. ’23
Carson L. ’21
Chloe M. ’23
Zachary M. ’23
Michael M. ’22
Ezri M. ’23
Charles M. ’23
Connor O. ’22
Geneva P. ’23
Alexa P. ’23
Ashlyn P. ’21
Zachary R. ’23
Andrés S. ’23
Gabriella S. ’23
Ian S. ’23
Hunter T. ’23
Conor T. ’23
Sofija V. ’23
Julian V. ’23
Kylynne W. ’23
Cameron W. ’23
Hexun Z. ’23