One for the books!

On April 16, 2021, Lucy C. ’29 had the opportunity to be a Librarian for a Day with Mrs. Kilfoyle! 
Lucy and Mrs. Kilfoyle started off their morning with frozen hot chocolates. Lucy then alternated her time between teaching three classes, working book circulation, and retagging books with Mrs. Kilfoyle. For lunch, Lucy and a friend enjoyed some Blue Moon pizza.

“I had a really great day,” shared Lucy. “It was funny how the Pre-K4 students wanted to share their ideas so badly when I was reading. They are still learning to pay attention and hold their thoughts until the end of a book. I was reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and some kids kept chiming in with how the book did not match the movie. I’m glad Mrs. Kilfoyle has the rules on the whiteboard for them to remember to raise their hand when they wanted to speak!”
Lucy’s parents successfully bid on this great experience during our silent auction at a past Extravaganza. If your child loves reading, books, and learning, we encourage you to consider signing up for this opportunity at our next Extravaganza event!