App Smash with Señora Abad

Our Spanish III students are merging their foreign language and technology skills! In a project called, “App Smash”, Señora Abad pushed her students’ skills as they built a presentation using Google Slides, Google Earth, and Screencastify.
Each class had to build a visual presentation for a mock trip they all attended together with a common purpose (attending a wedding, graduation, etc.) The students had to have one shared day of events centered around that purpose but could plan an additional four days to travel around the designated Spanish-speaking country. “I really appreciated the creative freedom of this project,” said Ian P. ’22. Ryan D. ’22 agreed, stating, “I was able to focus on parts of Cuba that relate to my hobbies and interests, which made me want to work on the project more.”

Using the past tense in Spanish, the students had to recount this recent trip down to the minute details of their vacation. Ezri M. ’23 said, “I chose to include a daily outfit description and made fashion a key part of my project.”  Emma C. ’22 added, “In studying the tiny parts of the trip that I normally prioritize when I travel, I actually learned some new vocabulary.”

Their final presentation had to synchronize a large screen visualization of their journey with Google Maps and multiple pictures or items throughout the slides to highlight the fictitious activities they pursued. “I’ve never used Google Earth for a class project before,” shared Connor O. ’22, “but it was easy enough to pick up and use.”  

Thank you, Señora Abad, for giving our students creative license with their projects and encouraging them to learn new technology!