The Lair Volume 47 Makes Its Debut

The latest edition of The Lair, Canterbury’s yearbook, officially made its debut! We would like to recognize Mr. Grey and the yearbook staff for their dedication to creating such a fantastic book full of creativity and memorable moments. 
This year’s theme is “Finding the Key” which the Editor-in-Chief, Selin H. ’21, explains in the book’s opening, “It seems that in 2020, everyone is searching for solutions to a variety of challenges. Everyone wants to find a new antidote, a fix, a better plan or more promising way forward. We’re all looking for a key. We are currently looking for ways to live our lives safely and ‘normally’ during this Coronavirus Pandemic.” Selin goes on to say, “We hope that this yearbook embodies a sense of fantasy that accepts and embraces the unpredictable nature of reality. If this year is going to be one in which nothing is the same, then let it be the most fantastical year of our lives.” This year’s book is full of color and incredible imagery, including original art created by Lilli H. ’21 and Sara M. ’21. 
The yearbook team dedicated this year’s book to our Director of College Guidance Melissa Wilson. They surprised her with the dedication on Wednesday, April 28, during a class meeting for our juniors. 
“To have your life touched, if only for a moment, by the warmth that Mrs. Melissa Wilson has to offer is truly one of life’s greatest gifts, and anyone who has met her would agree,” writes Selin H. ’21. Her dedication is a must-read full of wonderful photos provided secretly by Melissa’s husband, Doug. Click here to watch a replay of the surprise dedication. 
Seniors will receive their yearbooks on Thursday, April 29. Distribution for the rest of the Upper School will take place on Friday, April 30. Middle and Lower School students will receive their yearbooks next week.