2021 SOUP Literary and Art Magazine Debuts

This year's SOUP officially made its debut! 
SOUP is Canterbury's literary and art magazine that comes out every spring, and it's a great opportunity for Upper School students to have their work "published." The staff dedicated this year's magazine to Mrs. Paula Sizemore, “who showers everyone she meets with love and understanding, and hands out little pieces of her soul without expecting anything in return.”

Kudos to the SOUP Staff for a fantastic publication!

Selin H. ’21 - Editor in Chief
Elizabeth Sheehan - Faculty Advisor
Mia A. ’22
McLaren B. ’22
Jayda B. ’21
Morgan B. ’23
Rocio C. ’22
Emilie C. ’22
Nick D. ’23
Matthew D. ’23
Elle E. ’23
Luca G. ’21
Kinley G. ’21
Nick H. ’21
Lilli H. ’21
Lara K. ’23
Kyla K. ’22
Sara M. ’21
Jack P. ’24
Morgan R. ’21
Daniel Z. ’22