14 Day Leadership Challenge

Coach Matt Booth
For the past eight weeks, ten of our student-athletes have been participating in the Desire to Lead program. Desire to lead is an online leadership program founded by Jeremy Boone a sports performance and leadership development coach for more than twenty years.
The Desire to Lead program focuses on making young women and men better leaders. It is designed to teach young leaders what it means to be a follow-worthy leader beyond having a title. It teaches them a working definition of leadership, following their mission, living through their guiding principles, and truly understanding their self-identity. 

This spring we have had the opportunity to connect with like-minded student-athletes from across the US, Canada, Nigeria, and South Korea. Most recently, our students have been working on a 14 Day Leadership Project with the mission of doing something impactful for our community. Our Canterbury student-athletes met and decided to do something for all of our teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week. For the past week, our group has been collecting letters of gratitude for every teacher on our campus. In just 14 days our kids were able to get about 400 letters and delivered them to each teacher.

Ryan D. ’22 shared, "As a son of a teacher, I get to see the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes. They spend many hours outside of school to ensure that we get a quality education. I just know that these letters are going to mean the world to them."

Chase A. ’23 shared, "What made this service project so meaningful for me was witnessing the incredible amounts of appreciation and gratitude that each and every one of the students have for their teachers. Nearly every student in the entire Upper School wrote a heartfelt, meaningful letter of gratitude to a teacher of their choosing. Seeing all of this sincere gratitude being poured into these letters was what truly made this entire experience all the more meaningful for me."

Our student-athletes did an amazing job organizing and doing something that they felt would have a tremendous impact on our campus! Coach TQ and I are so proud of this group. They all have grown so much over the past eight weeks and are ready to step up and be the leaders we need for our future!