The Light Bulb is On!

The light bulb is on for our seventh-grade entrepreneurs! On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, our Middle School Entrepreneurship class met again with the Edison and Ford Winter Estates to present their plans on how to help the business grow.
The students tackled three different problems the business faces: how to reach K-12 students when field trips are not an option because of the pandemic, how to expand to new audiences, and how to diversify the stream of revenue outside of ticket sales. 
Our students came up with some brilliant ideas. They recommended building a strong virtual tour people can pay to use or teaming with a program like FieldZoom to host live tours online. Tours and field trips could be enhanced through the integration of technology and touch screens around the property, not just in the Welcome Center. They also suggested enhancing the company’s marketing presence online through social media. Students referenced “viral” museum content, like the Twitter account of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, as an achievable goal. 
They also recommended more programming outside of the tour to draw audiences in: from a book club to a gardening class. From those activities, it could increase the revenue from the garden center or the book store. One group suggested hosting a tarpon fishing charter, just like Thomas Edison use to! Another group referred to Lakes Regional Park’s train ride for kids as an additional stream of income, recommending that young children could enjoy a hayride in an old Ford car lookalike. 
We are #cburyproud of our students for their extensive research and creative ideas!