LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Students Share Solutions with Florida Weekly

How do you reach a younger audience? Who better to ask than the audience you are trying to reach! This was the problem that Florida Weekly tasked a group of our Upper School students in Canterbury’s LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Program for their final project this semester.
As noted on Florida Weekly’s website, this news magazine “engages sophisticated readers through a number of markets in Florida.” They reach more than 220,000 weekly readers through their print and digital platforms. Our students started off their project with a visit to Florida Weekly to see the operations behind the scenes. The group met with Pason Gaddis, President and Group Publisher of Florida Weekly, to understand the challenge they needed to solve: reaching a younger audience. 
Following weeks of research and preparation, on Thursday, May 6, two teams presented their solutions to Mr. Gaddis. Berkley G. ’21, Jason K. ’22, and CJ N. ’24 shared ideas of utilizing social media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram to promote content that targets the younger generation as well as generate revenue for the organization. Olivia H. ’24, Maya S. ’24, and Nick G. ’24 also suggested utilizing social media and they shared examples of how to translate Florida Weekly’s stories into eye-catching content onto platforms such as TikTok. 
We would like to recognize both teams for their creativity in coming up with solutions for Florida Weekly. We also wish to thank Pason Gaddis for taking the time to visit campus and listen to our student’s presentations.