Waves of Fun!

Our fifth-grade science classes are having waves of fun! For the past month, they have studied oceans and ocean life. Throughout the week of May 17 - 21, each class had a chance to present their findings.
Each student selected a marine animal from one of the ocean zones the class covered. From otters to axolotls to sharks, the students researched their critters and then showcased their information to their classmates. Then, the students helped each other condense their original research down to the key points for the final presentation to Mr. Rowe! 

The activity was clearly a hit among the students. Many of the students dressed up or had a prop (stuffed animals, puppets, or drawings) to help convey what their animal looked like. Mrs. Brooks, their teacher, said, “The kids did such a great job with their research! I love that each class has a different group and unique way of presenting.” What a great way to end the school year in fifth-grade science!