Alexa G. ’24 Shines in Introduction to Software Development Class

We have a future video game developer in our midst! Freshman student Alexa G. ’24 wowed the class with her video game design as her final project for Introduction to Software Development with Mr. Rodriguez.
This course covers foundational programming skills to develop software and learn a computer language. For the final project, the students had to apply a computer language to build a mobile application, a webpage, or something technical. Alexa dedicated ten weeks to build a small adventure simulation game. “I took a little bit of time each class to work on it,” shared Alexa. “But this past week I was so excited that I started working on it at home too.”

From the coding to the surroundings of the game to the character text options to the main character’s running, Alexa showed serious dedication to applying her craft. Her game focused on the main character traveling through a wooded village and into a mountain valley in search of treasure. Along the way, the character had to talk to villagers for clues and make sure to stay on the correct path to find the chest of gold. “Alexa did a fantastic job,” praised Mr. Rodriguez. “I would love to have her join my video game development class next year or before she graduates. She has a real knack for the coding part and a great imagination.” Way to go, Alexa!