En Garde! Canterbury Fencing Club Snags First Place

We would like to celebrate our Fencing Club for their impressive performance during the 2020 competition season. 
The traditional four tournaments could not be followed due to COVID. Instead, trophies were awarded based on the number of gold medals a school won. Our Y10 team placed first in the team finals, and our Y12 team earned third place in the competition.

The trophy will be on display here at Canterbury for the school year to honor our club’s hard work. Special thanks to Faculty Advisor Rebecca Yu-He and Coach Charles Johnson of the Southwest Florida Fencing Academy.

Y10 Team
Braden B. ’27
Julia K. ’27
Hannah S. ’27
Jet L. ’28
Beck B. ’29
Hastings C. ’29
Davis F. ’29
Sophia L. ’29
Chiani S. ’29
Noah S. ’29

Y12 Team
Kaya L. ’25
Julia K. ’27
Hannah S. ’27